Command line arguments

The Telerik.Sitefinity.Compiler.exe too has the following command-line arguments, prefixed by a slash:

Argument Description Required
Url The URL of the site from where the compiler retrieves the page markup. Yes
AppDir The application directory of the Sitefinity CMS web application from where to copy all the files needed during compilation.
AuthKey The authentication key with which to authenticate to Sitefinity.
Username The username that you use to authenticate in Sitefinity. Yes
Password The password that you use to authenticate in Sitefinity. Yes
MembershipProvider The membership provider for the user that you use to authenticate in Sitefinity. Yes

The strategy that defines which pages must be precompiled.
You can enter one of the following:

  • Backend
  • Frontend

NOTE: This argument is case sensitive.

Version The assembly version with which the compiler compiles the resulting assemblies.
By default, the version is
OutputPath The folder where the compiler places the generated assemblies.
By default, this is the application’s bin folder.
PagesPerAssembly The number of pages generated per assembly.
The default value is 1000.
EXAMPLE: The following command lines are an example of using Sitefinity CMS precompiler tool:
EXAMPLE: Use the following example to authenticate using an authentication key. You must always use authentication key, if your authentication mode is set to Windows authentication:

If the execution was successful, the tool returns an exit code of 0; if not - exit code of 4. Use the exit code to track whether and when the tool has finished its execution and possibly integrate it in the MSBuild script of your project.

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