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In relation to the GDPR and the right to be forgotten, any site visitor has the option to request their collected personal data to be deleted from the system’s records. This operation is executed by the Sitefinity Insight Administrator who identifies the specific data subject and deletes their data based on their Tracking ID or email address, both of which serve as their unique identifier.

PREREQUISITES: To export or delete personal data, your account must have permission to work with personally identifiable information.
For more information, see Manage Personally identifiable information.

To do so:

  1. Open the Administration dashboard and then the data center dashboard.
  2. Open the Data cleanup tab page.
    Click Delete personal data.
  3. Provide one of the following:
    • Tracking ID
      For more information, see Tracking ID.
    • Email address
  4. Select the site visitor whose data you need to delete.

    NOTE: On rare occasions, you may have more than one visitor with the same Tracking ID or email address in the results list. The reason is that these site visitors are reported across different data sources. You need to select the site visitor from the proper data source.

  5. Click Delete data.
  6. To confirm your choice, as you cannot undo this action, click Delete data again.

RESULT: The process of deleting user data begins. To check when the process is complete, navigate to Data cleanup » History of exported and deleted data » Deleted data. In this table, you see a record for each data deletion request with information about visitor's unique ID, data source, who and when requested the deletion, and, finally, the status of the request. 

After deleting site visitors and their personal data, reports show a corresponding decrease in conversion rates, touchpoint hits, and other statistics. In addition, when deleting personal data associated with the site visitor you selected, Sitefinity Insight also deletes the data for all other site visitors considered mapped to the selected one.

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