Include pages in the sitemap

You can specify whether a particular page is included in the generated sitemap or not. In addition, you can also set priority for a page. To include a page in the sitemap:
  1. In the Actions menu of the specific page you want to include in the sitemap, click Title and properties.
  2. Under Title for search engines, enter the page title you want displayed in the browser and in search results.
  3. To include the page in the sitemap, expand Advanced options and select the Allow external search engines to index this page and include in Sitemap checkbox.
  4. In the Priority field, enter a value that is in the range from 0.0 or 1.0 to define the importance of the page.

    NOTE: 1.0 is with higher priority compared to 0.0.

For more information about including in the sitemap content items displayed on a specific page, see Include content in the sitemap.

For more information about configuring the sitemap, see Sitemap generator.

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