Unlock pages

When editing a page in the Sitefinity’s backend, the user performing the editing is actually checking out a copy of the current live page. This copy is the one where modifications are being done. Once the changes are applied, the user can save this copy as a draft or publish it. Publication automatically replaces the current live page version with the modified copy. During this process, the user locks the page to ensure that no one else is able to check out the same page in a multi-user environment. This way Sitefinity CMS prevents conflicts and potential data loss when publishing a page by multiple users.

Sitefinity CMS allows only the current user editing the page and Administrators to perform an unlock action. To unlock a page you can use the following code sample in your own user widget or custom web service:


The SuppressSecurityChecks property is used to allow users who do not have the permission to modify pages to use this functionality.

Unlock pages

This article discuss how to unlock pages using the native API of Sitefinity CMS. To learn how to unlock pages as an user, see Work with multilingual content » Lock and unlock content items.

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