Query localized items

You can query items that have a localized field in multiple cultures. You can query all items from a specific culture, for example all items translated in French.

In the following example, you query all dynamic items that have a localized field with a value that applies to a specific culture. To do so:

  1. Get an instance of the DynamicModuleManager class.
  2. Resolve the name of the dynamic content type using the TypeResolutionService class.
  3. Get the localized field name for the specified culture using the LstringPropertyDescriptor class.
    For example, a localized name for a field, called Title in French culture is Title_fr.
  4. Filter the data items by passing the localized field name for the culture and select the Master version using the ContentLifecycleStatus class.

As a result, you get a list of all items translated in the specified culture.

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