Modify a content block with the Fluent API

The following example modifies the Content property of a content block with a given ID:

First, you check whether an item with the specified ID exists. Then, using the content block singular facade, you get the master version with the specified ID.

NOTE: If there is no item with the specified ID, ContentItem(contentItemId) throws an exception of type ItemNotFoundException.

To get a temp for the item, you use the CheckOut method of the content block facade. Then, you modify the content with newContent in the Do method of the temp facade. You call CheckIn to transfer the changes to the master version of the content block. Then, you call Publish to transfer the changes to the live version. Finally, to save all changes, you call SaveChanges.

NOTE: The example above modifies a content block by the ID of its master version. For more information about working with the ID of the live version, see For developers: Edit content.

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