IRecurrenceDescriptor interface

An interface that provides the required information for describing a recurrence rule. All of the properties of the interface are “read-only” – only with getters.


DateTime StartDate
- Gets the start of the recurring event

DateTime RecursUntil - Gets the end date for the recurring event. Defaults to no end date (DateTime.MaxValue).

TimeSpan Duration - Gets the duration of the recurring event.

int MaxOccurrences - Gets the limit for the number of occurrences. Defaults to no limit (Int32.MaxInt).

int Interval - Gets the interval of recurrence.

For developers: Recurrence enumerators Frequency - enumerated constant that indicates the frequency of recurrence. The default value is RecurrenceFrequency.None.

IEnumerable<DateTime> Occurrences - Gets the evaluated occurrence times of this recurrence rule. Occurrence times are in UTC.

IEnumerable<DateTime> Exceptions - Gets a collection of the exception dates associated with this recurrence rule.

For developers: Recurrence enumerators DaysOfWeek - Gets the bit mask that specifies the week days on which the event recurs.

DayOfWeek FirstDayOfWeek - Gets the day on which the week starts. This property is only meaningful when RecurrenceFrequency is set to RecurrenceFrequency.Weekly and Interval is greater than 1.

int DayOrdinal - This property is meaningful only when RecurrenceFrequency is set to RecurrenceFrequency.Monthly or RecurrenceFrequency.Yearly and DayOfMonth is not set. In such scenario it selects the n-th occurrence within the set of events specified by the rule. Valid values are from -31 to +31, 0 is ignored. For example with RecurrenceFrequency set to Monthly and DaysOfWeekMask set to Monday DayOfMonth is interpreted in the following way:

1: Selects the first monday of the month

3: Selects the third monday of the month

-1: Selects the last monday of the month

int DayOfMonth - Gets the day month on which the event recurs.

For developers: Recurrence enumerators Month - Gets the month on which the event recurs. This property is only meaningful when RecurrenceFrequency is set to RecurrenceFrequency.Yearly

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