Change URL format for built-in modules with single content type

Use the following procedure to configure the URL format for built-in modules that have single content type. For example, News.

For example, the default format for generating the URLs of news items is YYYY/MM/DD/NewsTitle. However, if you want to publish on the same date several news with the same title, this will cause URL conflict. You can overcome this by changing the way the URL is generated.

Perform the following procedure:

  1. Click Administration » Settings.
    The Basic Settings page appears.
  2. Click Advanced link.
    The Settings page appears.
  3. In the left pane, click the content type for whose URL format you want to change.
    For example, click News.
  4. Click Providers » OpenAccessDataProvider » Parameters » Create new.
  5. In Key, enter urlFormat.
  6. In Value, enter how you want the URL to be generated.
    For example, enter /[Author, {0:yyyy'/'MM'/'dd}]/[UrlName], which generates URLs based on the author of the news, not its date.
  7. Click Save changes and restart Sitefinity.

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