Example: Retrieve and create child items

This example uses a Music Collection module with the following hierarchical structure:

  • The module is named Music Collection.
  • The module has content type Music Artist. It holds information about different singers or bands. In this example, it has only one field Name that holds the name of a band or a singer.
  • The module has content type Album with parent content type Music Artist. The Album content type has only one field Title that contain the title of an album.
  • The module has content type Song with a parent content type Album. The Song content type has only one field Name that holds the name of a song.

NOTE: For demonstration purposes, this example uses only one field for every content type, but there is no limitation to how many fields a content type can have. For more details about using your content type with more fields, use the Code reference link on the module page.

After you create the Music Collection module with the Module Builder, you can create some artists, albums, and songs, using the following code snippet:

The code above executes the Code reference examples to create a singer, albums, and songs, to sets their relationships, and to publish them through Sitefinity CMS workflow.

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