Events selector

This tutorial demonstrates how to add a Events selector in a widget's designer view.

PREREQUISITES: You created at least one event item, so that the selector can use it. For more information, see Events.

To add an Events selector, in your DesignerView.<YourView>.cshtml file, place the one of the following tags anywhere in the HTML code.

Single item selection:

Multiple items selection:

The values of the attributes are scope properties that you define in the MVC widget controller.

Attribute Description
sf-selected-item-id Single select only. Stores the ID of the selected item. 
sf-selected-item  Single select only. Stores the serialized information of the selected item.
sf-selected-ids Multi select only. Stores the IDs of the selected items. 
sf-selected-items Multi select only. Stores the serialized information of the selected items. 
sf-provider Configures the provider to use when retrieving the items to display.
sf-master Defines whether the selector displays events and their statuses, such as DraftLocked, and so on, or only published events items. To configure the Events selector to display master items, that is, all events, independently of their status, set the sf-master="true". By default, the selector displays only live events and the value of the sf-master is set to false

NOTE: When you set the sf-master="true", the selectors lists the items but does not display their status.



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