Set rules for site URLs

In the Advanced settings, you can set the URLs rules for your site. For example, you may not want to allow non-ASCII symbols in the URLs. You can make this setting once and Sitefinity CMS applies it by default to all backend screens.

NOTE:  When the Multisite module is active, the Site URL settings are set per-site instead of in the Advanced settings.

To setup URL rules, perform the following:

  1. Click Administration » Settings » Advanced » System » Site URL Settings.
  2. When you have installed an SSL certificate on your site, you can make pages that do not require SSL to automatically redirect to http:// protocol. 
    To do this, select Remove ssl when a page does not require it checkbox.
    All pages that you have set not to require SSL, will automatically redirect to a URL staring with the http:// protocol.
    For more information about setting whether a page requires or not an SSL, see Create a page » Step 3 » Advanced settings.
  3. To define how URLs are generated from the Title when users enter them via the backend interface, change the regex in field URLRulesClient.
  4. To define how URLs are generated from the Title when users import them via the Fluent API, change the regex in field URLRulesServer.
  5. Save the changes.

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