Configure forum attachment extensions

You can define what kind of attachments are allowed in forums and whether the users can define the allowed file formats.
To do this, perform the following:
  1. Click Administration » Settings » Advanced » Forums.
  2. In Allowed file types input field, enter the file extensions that are allowed in forums.
    Separate them with commas. For example, enter .jpg, .png, .pdf
  3. In Max file upload size, enter the max size of forum attachments in bytes.
    NOTE: The default value is 102400 bytes (100 KB).
  4. If you want to allow forum creators to define additional file extensions for each forum, select Allow the addition of file extensions checkbox.
    When a user creates a forum, Sitefinity CMS will allow the creator to define file extensions in addition to the once that you defined in Step 2.
  5. Click Save changes.

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