Use Oracle or Oracle XE database


Perform the following:

  1. Prepare the Oracle server by creating the following:
    • Database
      You can use an existing one.
    • Username and password for the database.
    • Database schema for the user part of the database.
      The supported version is Oracle's or above.
    • If you are running Oracle XE, you must make sure that the connections limitations are increased to the minimum required by Sitefinity CMS (processes = 100, sessions = 120, transactions = 150).
      For more information about increasing connections, see
  2. Install Open Data Access Components for Oracle Client (ODAC) on the machine where your site will be running.
    You must install Oracle 11g ODAC version or higher.
    You can download ODAC from
  3. Open file tnsnames.ora, which is located in your ~\Network\Admin subfolders of your ODAC's client directory.
  4. Include in the file the connection string for your Oracle database.
    For more information, see

    If the file is not located in folder ~\Network\Admin, you can take the sample file from folder ~\Network\Admin\Sample and modify it.

  5. In Sitefinity’s Project Startup wizard, perform the following:
    • In DataSource input field, enter the name of the connection string for your Oracle database, as you have entered it in the tnsnames.ora file.
    • In Username and Password input fields, enter the credentials for the database that you created in Step 2.

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