Share a link to a page to anonymous users

Backend users can share a link to a page that is visible only to registered users who have permissions to view the page. They can also share links to a Draft page. Additionally, page permissions can be set to allow the page to be visible only to users belonging to a certain role.

You can also share a link to the page to an anonymous user, thus allowing them to preview pages before they are published. You also need to set an expiration period for the shared links. If you share a link to a draft page, you share just the draft content, not the publicly visible content.

To allow page sharing and to set the expiration period, perform the following:

  1. Click Administration » Settings » Advanced.
  2. In the tree view, click Pages.
  3. Select Allow backend users to share link to preview pages checkbox.
    This option is applied to all pages in Sitefinity.
  4. In Expiration time for shared links, enter the expiration period in hours.
    You can use a decimal point.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Click Pages.
  7. Click the Actions link of the page for which you want to share a preview.
  8. Click Share preview link…
    A window that displays the link and the expiration period appears.

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