Use RadControls with Kendo UI

This article describes how to avoid conflicts when using RadControls with Kendo scripts together with Sitefinity CMS widgets.

By default, Sitefinity CMS loads Kendo scripts, because there are several controls that use Kendo UI.

UI for ASP.NET AJAX controls have their version of Kendo UI shipped together with the RadControls. An example of a control that uses Kendo UI is the RadHtmlChart. Because the version of Kendo UI that Sitefinity CMS loads can be different than the version of Telerik.Web.UI assembly, you may experience errors when you use Sitefinity CMS widgets and RadControls on the same page. For example, if you use the Navigation widget with RadHtmlChart control. The following article will give you a workaround to avoid conflicts.

If you have a custom widget that uses the RadHtmlChart control, you must stop the scripts that are loaded from the Telerik.Web.UI assembly. To do this, add the following in the code-behind of your custom widget:

In addition, you must load the specific version of Kendo scripts on the page. To do this, add the script tags with CDN sources in the <head> tag of the page.

EXAMPLE: In the Actions dropdown of the page, click Title & Properties. Expand Advanced options and in HTML included in the <head> tag, enter:
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

You can use any RadControl that requires Kendo scripts together with Sitefinity CMS widgets without conflicts.

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