Create workflow definitions

When you go to the Sitefinity CMS administrative backend Administration -> Workflow menu, and define a workflow, you are configuring the properties of a workflow definition object.  You can do the same thing using the Workflow API, for example when you need to load a different workflow for different items, without this workflow being already created. To create a workflow definition, you need to specify its Title, Scope, Levels of approval, and all additional properties that determine the workflow behavior.

The following sample demonstrates creating two workflow definitions:

  • A 1-step approval workflow called “1-step workflow for Bloggers”, where users that are assigned to the Backend users role can approve content


  • A 2-step approval workflow called "2-step workflow for Restricted Users", where users that are assigned to the Designers role can approve content, and users that belong to the Editorsrole can publish it

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