Connect a Sitefinity CMS form to Marketo

To connect a Sitefinity CMS form, built with Sitefinity CMS form builder, to Marketo, you must match the form fields to Marketo fields.

Marketo has a vast number of predefined fields, which you can use to describe entries in your leads database. You can also define your own custom fields. You can then link Marketo fields to the fields of a Sitefinity CMS form, build with the form builder. You link Marketo to Sitefinity CMS fields via the API Field Name in Marketo. You can export all API Field Names in Marketo. For more information, see Export a List of All Marketo API Field Names.

To link Sitefinity CMS form fields to Marketo fields, perform the following:

  1. Create the required form, using procedure Create forms.
  2. In Step 5 of the procedure, perform the following:
    • To connect the form to Marketo, select Sync this form fields with Marketo Lead fields.
    • When a user submits the form, you can choose to change the Marketo lead score of the user. 
      To do this, select Change Marketo Lead Score and enter the relative change using + and -, followed by the number of points. For example, if you want Marketo lead score of the user who submits the form to be increased by 20 point, in Lead score input field, enter +20.
    • If you want the submission of the form to create an event in Marketo, select Raise an event in Marketo when this form is submitted.
      Whenever a user submits the form, in Marketo, a new Visit Web Page event is created with the following URL http://<your site>/<page where the form is published>/submitted.
  3. To create the form, click Create and go to add content.
  4. To design the form, perform procedure Design forms.
    You link a form field to a Marketo field when you configure the form widgets.
  5. To link a field, click the Edit button of the widget and then click the Advanced button in the lower-right corner of the widget.
  6. In field FieldName, enter the Marketo API Field Name.

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