Configure output cache for RSS

The output of RSS feeds in Sitefinity CMS is cached the same way as the page output caching.

Output caching in RSS results in less database queries and improves the overall performance of the website. 

The RSS caching is not automatically invalidated upon a change in the content that is published in the feed. This means that until the cache expires (sliding or absolute) the feed will not be updated.

The configured caching profile for  RSS is valid for all RSS feeds. 

The RSS feeds caching mechanism uses the page cache profiles to determine the cache settings of RSS. To setup the caching of the RSS feeds, perform the following:

  1. In the main menu, click Administration » Settings » Advanced » Publishing.
    1. In Output caching profile to be used for caching the feeds output field, enter the name of one of the existing page caching profiles. To see a list of the available page cache profiles in your Sitefinity CMS and inspect their settings, navigate to Administration » Settings » Advanced »System » Output Cache Settings » Page Cache Profiles. If you want to create a new page output cache profile and use it for RSS, see Administration: Configure cache profiles
    2. Click Save changes.

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