Multiple environments setup

You can use SiteSync to promote content through multiple environments. Such scenario describes a setup where you have more than two environments (source and destination), for example Content Authoring » Staging » Production. In such setup, some of the environments need to act as both source and destination, as they will be getting content from a source environment but will also promote that content to the next destination. To accommodate for such setup, you must follow the same steps for configuring SiteSync on your environments as listed above in this article. The following specifics apply:

  • The environment(s) which act as both source end destination must have:
    • The Allow content from other sites to be published to this site option enabled in their SiteSync module settings
    • The address of the destination environment, which they are going to promote content to, configured in their SiteSync module settings
  • Each environment (apart from the one which acts only as source) must have a unique Site key configured, and the Site key must be incremental (that is, higher) for every following destination. For example, if you have a setup like Content Authoring » Staging » Production, and you configured a Site key on Staging to be 1, then the Site key on Production must be 2.

The following diagram describes the specifics:

Multiple Environments Setup

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