Library selector

The library selector enables you to display a list of all existing libraries in your website. You can use the selector in the frontend or backend of your site. For example, you can use the selector on a page or in a widget designer. For more information about libraries, see Overview: Libraries.

The following image is an example of a library selector:

Image title

To add a Library selector, in your DesignerView.YourView.cshtml file, place one of the following tags anywhere in the HTML code:

Single item selection:

Multiple items selection:

NOTE: To add the library selector in your widget, you must also implement the values of the attributes are scope properties in your controller.

Attribute Description
sf-selected-item-id Single select only. Stores the ID of the selected item. 
sf-selected-item  Single select only. Stores the serialized information of the selected item.
sf-selected-ids Multi select only. Stores the IDs of the selected items. 
sf-selected-items Multi select only. Stores the serialized information of the selected items. 
sf-provider Configures the provider to use when retrieving the items to display.
sf-media-type  (Optional)
Sets the required media type to images, videos, or documents. This is an optional attribute and by default its value is set to images

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