Server-side development performance tips

On the server side, you can analyze on a deeper level the code, compilation, or database issues that cause poor performance or high utilization of CPU or memory. Server-side performance in Sitefinity CMS is primarily related to working with the data layer and Sitefinity CMS API. 

Server-side performance aspects 
CPU CPU resources are most important for the web server that hosts the application. CPU performance plays a vital role in determining the capacity of users the application can handle. High CPU usage can lead to unexpected exceptions and cause the application to stop working entirely until restarted. 

System memory resources are most important for the server hosting the database. In general, a lot of memory is consumed by database queries. High memory usage on the database server may lead to slow execution of queries and thus hinder the end users experience.

Consuming the least amount of memory resources on the client-side is also important for targeting client devices with less memory available. 

The following sections give you some recommendations about optimizing performance on server-side.

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