Notification service API

Sitefinity CMS handles message notifications in a common place - the Notification service. It sends a message to a list of subscribers through different messaging channels - email or other. While sending the message - the message can be dynamically personalized with data taken from the subscriber properties, such as last name,title etc.

The messaging can use different sender profiles. Each profile contains the specific settings for the sending channel. The system can be configured to use different SMTP profiles for email notifications.

Sitefinity CMS provides the Notification service through the INotificationService contract. All modules that require notifications sending must use the new NotificationService.

The service provides API to manipulate mailing lists, subscribers, and message templates, initiation of message jobs, configuration of sender profiles and getting message job progress information.

The service implementation provides reliable message job execution and notification server scalability. This means that the progress on each job is logged and even if the notification server is restarted – the job is resumed or if there is more than one notification server, another server resumes the job. 

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