Display manually reordered media files in the backend

In Sitefinity CMS backend, you can reorder media files - Images, Videos, and Documents. However, in the backend grid, you cannot see the newly created order. The order applies only to the frontend widgets, for example, the Image Gallery widget. 

To change this, you can add the filter to the configuration, by performing the following:

  1. Open your ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Configuration/ContentViewConfig.config file.
  2. Inside the <sortingExpressionSettings> section, add the following lines:
  3. Restart your application.
    You can see the reorder you have made in the backend grid.

    NOTE: If you are running Sitefinity CMS version 7.x and above, the system creates an automatic label in the Sort by: dropdown box labeled As manually ordered. Otherwise, you must manually add three labels with KeyAs manually ordered and TypeImagesResources, VideosResources, and DocumentsResources, respectively.

  4. Refresh the backend page that displays the grid.

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