Enable multilingual search results in media libraries

When you add a media widget to your page, you need to select the image, document, or video that is displayed by the widget. To select a specific media file, you usually search for the file in the relevant media library. If you have a media file in more than one language version, you can enable the option to get search results that include other language versions of media files, independently of the currently selected language. By default, the search results display only media files in the same language as the one selected in the Language dropdown menu of the page.

For example, you selected English as the language of your page and you want to add an image, named Image3 that does not have an English translation, but has a French translation. When you enable the multilingual search results option, after you add an Image widget to your page, you can enter Image in the Search field. As a result, you get a list of all images that have similar names, for example Image1, Image2, and Image3. Image3 is in the search results no matter that it is a French translation and the currently selected language is English.

To enable media library search results in other than the currently selected language:

  1. Click Administration » Settings » Advanced.
  2. In the tree in the left, click Libraries.
  3. Select the Enable search results in all languages checkbox.
  4. Click Save changes.

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