Diagnostics Profilers

You use the Diagnostics module for profiling of various time-intensive operations such as HTTP requests, background tasks, database queries, and page compilations. Each Diagnostics profiler collects data on a specific set of performance indicators and provides you with report that may identify performance issues and bottlenecks.

EXAMPLE: You want to check how a certain action is executed, for example - opening a news item and leaving a comment. 
To get a report, you first start related profilers (database, HTTP requests), execute the action, stop profiling, and view the report.

The following table summarizes the Diagnostics module profiling tools and their settings.

Profiling tool  Description Have editable settings 
Data Access   Profiles queries to the database.    check
Http Requests   Profiles HTTP requests that occurred in the website.    check
Background Tasks   Profiles background tasks executed in the website. This includes scheduled tasks, and tasks related to the notification service.    check 
Page Compilations   Profiles compilations of Sitefinity pages.    check
Razor View Compilations  Profiles compilations of Razor views.   
Widget Executions  Profiles executions of MVC widgets.   
System Operations  Profiles executions of Sitefinity system operations.   
Site Initializations   Collects data about initializations of the Sitefinity site.   
Insights   Provides suggestions for optimizing performance of the site based on analysis of profiler results.  

IMPORTANT: Database profiling can generate a lot of tracing data in a short period of time. When you are not actively collecting diagnostic data, be sure to stop the database profilers.

NOTE: A profiler tool is not necessarily bound to provide data for one report only. For example, the System Operations tools provides data for both the HTTP requests and Background tasks reports. For more information, see Diagnostics reports.

On the Profilers page, you can:

  • Start profiling Click Start for the selected profilers.
  • Stop profiling  Click Stop for each profiler you want to stop.
  • Clear diagnostics data Click Clear data  on a selected profiler, or click Clear all data  to delete all tracing information generated to the database for one or all profilers.
  • Modify the settings of some of the profilers For more information, see Administration: Modify Diagnostics module settings.

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