Configure Marketo-based personalization

Sitefinity CMS personalization gives you the opportunity to serve different content to different types of users (user segments). You can use personalization with Marketo – you can serve different content to users with different Marketo lead score. You can also differentiate between users with different Marketo field properties – for example, you can serve different content to all users who are from a certain company, based on the value of Marketo company field. 

If you have connected to Marketo, when creating user segments in Sitefinity CMS personalization, you have additional characteristics – Marketo lead score and Marketo field.

For example, using the Marketo lead score, you can create a set of rules that serves different content to users with Marketo score greater than 100. Using the Marketo field, you can create a user segment that serves different content, for example, to all users who have their Marketo field Location equal to Asia.

For more information and setup instructions, see Overview: Personalization.

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