URL settings

With Sitefinity CMS, you have control on specifying rules for forming the URLs for your site and the canonical URL's for each content page. This way, Sitefinity CMS knows the URL of each item at any time, regardless of whether the item is published or saved as draft. In addition, Sitefinity CMS enables you to automatically update the references you make from your content item to other content - media or pages - thus avoiding any broken links and manual update of links.

This greatly improves the SEO capabilities of your website. You can further optimize your website for search engines, you can use lower case URL rewrite and remove trailing slashes.

You can also change the default URL format for dynamic content items - be it single, multiple, or hierarchical. Thus, when you change the title or the URL of an item, this is not going to break any existing links that navigate to it. When you open an item on the frontend, the URL that you set last is displayed. set the URLs rules for your site.  You can make this setting once and Sitefinity CMS applies it by default to all backend screens.


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