Manage permissions of roles

  1. To grant or deny certain permissions to a role, click Permissions link of the respective role.
    A page displaying all permissions, grouped in categories, appears.
    • If a role has permission for a certain action, the system displays  in column Allow.
    • If a role does not have permission for a certain action, nothing is displayed in column Allow.
    • If a role is explicitly denied permission for a certain action, the system displays a column Deny and displays  in the column.
    • For more information about implicit and explicit denial of permissions, see Overview: Permissions.
  2. To change permissions of a role perform the procedure in Administration: Permissions of users and roles » Step 4.

    NOTE: You cannot change the permission of the Administrators role.

  3. When you finish, in the upper part of the page, click Back to all items link to return to Roles page.

When using Sitefinity CMS to manage multiple sites from the same backend (Multisite Management), the users, roles and permissions are global for the whole system, thus all sites share the same users, roles and permissions. You can controls which roles can access a particular site. For more information see: Permissions for sites.

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