Use the personalization preview tool

You use this tool to preview how your entire site or a single page from the site looks like from the perspective of a particular user segment. You can also preview the site or a page from the perspective of a visitor, associated with multiple segments, if the site serves more than one user segment.

You can also view the website from the perspective of one or more particular characteristics only.

If you have applied responsive design to your website so that it can be viewed on mobile devices, you can also view how the website would look from different user perspectives on different predefined mobile devices.

For more information about characteristics available to define a user segment, see User characteristics.

Access the preview tool by navigating to Marketing » Personalization. In the toolbar, click View site as… button.

Next, to view the site or a page from a particular user segment’s perspective:

  1. In the right pane, choose the perspective from which you view the site or page.
  2. You can view the site or a single page in the following ways:
    • From the perspective of a user segment.
      To do this, click By user segment.

      To change the segment, select the Specific segment radio button. Choose one or more segments.

    • From the perspective of a user with certain characteristics.
      To do this, click Custom.
      A list of all available characteristics appears.

      Configure the characteristics that you want to test.
      For more information, see User characteristics.

  3. After you choose the user segment perspective or the characteristics, you can choose if you want to view the website as it will appear on a mobile device.
    To do this, select one of the predefined devices in Device preview dropdown box.
  4. Click View.

The site appears from the selected perspective and as it will appear on the selected device.

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