Set admin permissions per site

Consider the following use case:

You have multisite and you have two sites in one Sitefinity CMS instance – SiteA and SiteB. You want to have one global admin for both sites and individual admins set for each of the sites.

By default, users assigned to the Administrators role have global permissions to manage all of the sites from the multisite instance. You set these permissions in the global permissions section that is located in Administration » Permissions » by Section » Multisite management. All sites that you create inherit these permissions. You can then break the inheritance and set individual site permissions.

To set individual site admins, perform the following:

  1. Create two roles, each of which will have admin permissions for only one of your sites.
    Perform the following:
    1. In Sitefinity CMS backend, Administration » Roles » Create a role.
    2. In the input files, enter SiteA Admins and click Create.
    3. Click Create a role, in the input files, enter SiteB Admins, and click Create.
      Go back to the Dashboard.
  2. In the upper-left corner, expand the site selector, and click Manage sites.
  3. Expand the Actions link of SiteA and click Set permissions.
  4. Click Break inheritance.
  5. Under Delete this site, Configure this site modules, Set online/offline this site, Change the owner of this site, Change permissions for this site, perform the following:
  6. Click Change.
  7. Select Selected roles or users and click Add roles or users.
  8. Select SiteA Admins and click Done selecting » Done.
    Go Back to Sites.
  9. Perform Step 3 to Step 8 for SiteB, selecting role SiteB Admins.

RESULT: Users, assigned to Administrators role, are able to administer both sites. Users, assigned to role SiteA Admins, can administer only SiteA and users, assigned to role SiteB Admins, can only administer SiteB.

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