The new Page editor

With ASP.NET Core integration in Sitefinity CMS, you can benefit from the New page editor. It has the following advantages:

  • New WYSIWYG page editor
    The new “What You See Is What You Get” page editor displays the page during the editing process in  the same way as it will appear on the frontend of the website. Widget headings and toolset appear only on demand and do not interfere with the visual presentation of the page while you edit it in the backend. You can move and reorder page widgets with drag-and-drop. 
  • New way of creating page layouts 
    Now there is a single widget dedicated to creating in-page layouts called Section. Sections contain your content widgets. Add sections to the page body, then, add content widgets into the sections. If you need to create more complex layouts, you can also nest sections inside other sections.
  • New styling functionality
    Page editors do not need to write code or to create more elaborate designs of their page layout. You can style the Section and its columns from the Section widget designer. You can apply paddings, margins and backgrounds. 
  • New widget selector
    The new page editor has a new widget selector. Its purpose is also to scale better for sites with large number of widgets and to allow search by widget name. 
  • New set of widgets
    The new page editor also packs a new set of .NET Core widgets.
  • Structure tree for quick navigation of the page elements 
    New sidebar with page structure tree enables easier focus on a widget in pages with multiple widgets or complex layouts. The structure sidebar gives a useful overview of the overall page architecture and ensures that every widget is in the proper container. 
  • New templates  
    To access the New page editor, when creating a new page, you must select a dedicated ASP.NET Core page template. 


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