Send Sitefinity CMS form data to Oracle Eloqua forms

You can enable Sitefinity CMS forms to submit data to Eloqua via the IEloquaFormDataSubmitter interface. You submit the following data:

  • Eloqua form name
  • Field names in the Sitefinity CMS form
  • Field values of the Sitefinity CMS form fields

You also use the EloquaFormDataSubmitter to post data to Eloqua from custom code, for example, custom widgets you implemented.

The following example demonstrates how you use the EloquaFormDataSubmitter.

In the code above, you:

  1. Resolve an instance of type IEloquaFormDataSubmitter.
  2. Next, you add two sample fields and their values:
    • firstName with value John
    • lastName with value Smith
  3. Via the eloquaFormName parameter define the specific Eloqua form, to which you map your Sitefinity form.
  4. Finally, you submit form data via the eloquaFormDataSubmitter.SubmitFormData(fields, eloquaFormName); method.

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