Remove a client component from the News default designer view

If you want to remove elements from the default designer view, you need to override the default designer view file. To do this, perform the following:

  1. In your SitefinityWebApp, in the Mvc/Views/, create a folder and name it News
  2. In folder Mvc/Views/News/, create a file DesignerView.Simple.cshtml
  3. Inside the file, paste the following markup:
  4. From the code, remove the <style-dropdown></style-dropdown> client component.
  5. Save and close the file. 

RESULT: This removes the style-dropdown functionality from the default News designer view and disables editors to set predefined style to the widget. 


NOTE: Because the JSON and JavaScript files are not overridden, the removed client component scripts will be loaded, although you are not using them. To change the scripts or components that are loaded with the default designer view, you also need to override the default designer JSON file and remove the sf-style-dropdown client component from the array of component dependencies.
For more information, see Add a script to the News designer JSON file.

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