Bug tracker: Attach the database backup files

You use the Bug Tracker application's predefined entries for projects and bugs. The predefined entries are stored in the Bug Tracker sample's database, which you can find in the downloaded project. In addition, this database is specifically customized to facilitate the use of Choice fields, such as bug status and priority. In this tutorial, the choice fields are passed to their respective Controller as a string array and subsequently persisted to the database in tables that are additionally created.

NOTE: If you do not wish to use the provided database, you can still persist regular string values in your projects database by modifying the Bug model, so that it uses string values for the Priority and BugStatus properties. For more information, see Bug tracker: Create the BugModel.

To attach the database backup files to your SQL Server:

  1. In SQL Management Studio, open the context menu of Databases and click Attach...
  2. Click the Add... button and navigate to the ~\SitefinityWebApp\App_Data folder.
  3. Select the SitefinityBugTrackerSample.mdf file and click OK.
  4. Click OK.

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