Permissions for libraries

Libraries have permissions on root level – you can set permissions for a root library, but you cannot set permissions for the folders in this library. The folders in a library inherit the root library permissions and you cannot change them.

You can set the following permissions for libraries:

  • Global library permissions
    These are the permissions for all libraries from all sites. Each root library that you create, inherits these permissions. You can then break the inheritance and set individual permissions per root library.
    You can set global libraries permissions in Administration » Permissions » by Section » Libraries.
    These permissions apply for all libraries – Images, Videos, and Document.
  • Root library permissions
    For each root library in any of your sites, you can set individual permissions.
    To do this, open the section that displays the library, expand the library’s Action link, and click Set Permissions » Break inheritance.
  • Individual item’s permissions
    In each library and library folder, you can set individual permissions for each item inside the library or folder.
    To do this, open the library or library folder, expand the individual item’s Actions link, and click Set Permissions » Break inheritance.

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