Validate the user input

You can add validation of the user input in textboxes and paragraph boxes. For example, you can make required that the user enters an email address in a certain textbox.

To do this, perform the following:

  1. Click the Edit button of the Textbox or the Paragraph box widgets.
  2. In the lower-right corner, click Advanced button.
  3. Click Model » ValidatorDefinition.
  4. In input field ExpectedFormat, enter one of the following:
    Value  Purpose 
    None  none by default 
    AlphaNumeric  Validates alphanumeric input 
    Currency  Validates currency 
    EmailAddress  Validates email addresses 
    Integer  Validates integers 
    InternetUrl  Validates internet URLs 
    NonAlphaNumeric  Validates non-alphanumeric input 
    Numeric  Validates numbers 
    Percentage  Validates percentages 
    USSocialSecurityNumber  Validates US social security numbers 
    USZipCode  Validates US zip codes 
    Custom  Validates against custom regular expression 
  5. You can also use this section to enter a custom error message.
    For example, if you are validating that the user entered an email address, you can also enter a custom error message in EmailAddressViolationMessage field.
  6. Click Save to return to the Simple editing mode of the widget.

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