Personalize widgets on page templates

You can reuse personalized widgets across different pages to avoid creating the same content and user segment rules more than once and to minimize maintenance. To do this, you personalize one or more widgets in the page template itself. Thus, every time you use this page template, you have the personalized widgets configured and can use them straight away without having to personalize the whole page.

EXAMPLE: In the footer of some pages, such as the whole Customers section, there is contact information, which contains a phone number. For that, you use a Content block widget placed on a page template. You personalize that content block, so that the phone number differs per country. Thus, the personalized content block affects all pages that use this page template.

To personalize widgets on page templates:

  1. Navigate to Design » Templates.

    NOTE: If a template already has personalized widgets in it, you see a Personalized label next to the template name.

  2. Open a page template in editing mode.
  3. From the page menu, choose the segment, for which you want to personalize widgets in this template.
  4. Drag and drop widgets on the layout canvas. 
  5. Personalize widgets, based on user segments and characteristics.
    For more information, see Personalize widgets.

As a result, each time you use this page template, the page has the personalized widgets by default.

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