Main indicators

In the Site usage section of the Analytics Dashboard the system displays the main indicators together with their overview charts. The meaning of each indicator is described in the following table:

Indicator Description
Visits The visits of your website are the number of individual sessions initiated.
  • If a visitor initiates more than one session in a 30 min time interval, all the sessions are counted as one session.
  • If a user is inactive for 30 min or more and then resumes its session, it is counted as a new visit.
Pageviews The pageview is the view of one page from the website. If the user navigates away from the page and then returns to it or reloads it, the system counts an additional pageview.
Average pages per visit This is a calculated indicator of the number of pages visited during one session. It is calculated by dividing the pageviews by the visits.
Bounce rate This is the percentage of visits in which the visitors of your website exited the site from the same page from which they entered (landed). A high bounce rate can mean that the content of the landing pages is irrelevant or unusable to the visitors.

You cannot use this indicator if you only have one page in your website or if you have most of your content on your landing page. In those cases you will get a high bounce rate.

Average time on site The average time on site is calculated by dividing the total time on the website for all visits by total number of visits.
New visits rate This is the percentage of visits by people that have never been on the website. 

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