Use related content items with widgets

Built-in widgets for modules supporting related data have a property RelatedDataDefinition of type RelatedDataDefinition. RelatedDataDefinition is a definition class containing all information needed to display related data items, including:

  • RelatedItemId, RelatedItemType, RelatedItemProviderName, and RelatedFieldName properties, which give information about the related item.
  • RelationTypeToDisplay, which determines the relation type of the items that will be displayed - child or parent. By default, child items are displayed. To display parent items, set the value of the property to Parent.
  • RelatedItemSource,which defines the type of source for resolving the related item. This property is of type RelatedItemSource and can have the following values: 
    • DataItemContainer - the related item is resolved from the current DataItemContainer.
    • URL - the related item is resolved from the URL.
    • NoAutomaticBinding - the related item is not automatically resolved. You must set RelatedItemId and RelatedItemProviderName manually.

The following code is an example of NewsView item with configured RelatedDataDefinition to display child items:

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