Register pipe settings

The pipe settings contain the information for creating a pipe. They are used to restore a pipe saved in the database.

  1. Create the pipe settings.
    You create default pipe settings from the built-in Content pipe. You then create the custom pipe settings. Then, you mark the pipe as outbound and of push type.
  2. Register the pipe settings.
    After you create the pipe settings, you must register them.
  3. Modify pipe settings
    You can modify the settings of a built-in pipe or custom pipe.
    To modify the pipe settings you use the GetPipeSettings method.

    The method GetPipeSettings accepts the name of the pipe as a parameter. After you retrieve the settings, you set the MaxItems property to 50. The method returns a copy of the registered settings. After your modifications, you must register them again to apply the changes.

Use the following code sample:

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