End A/B tests campaigns

Once you collect enough data and analyze results, you can pick a winner, that is, choose which variation becomes default content of the page you are testing. You can select any variation, independently if there is a winner, based on results in Sitefinity Insight. Sitefinity Insight identifies a winner no less then 2 weeks after test start, based on statistical significance. For more information, see A/B testing.

Once you choose a variation, you can either directly publish it, or save it as draft to make additional changes and then publish it.

Once you publish this variation, all other page variations are deleted. Keep in mind that all test data is stored in Sitefinity Insight in the form of reports. You can go back and analyze your data at any point in time.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend when ending an A/B test for a language version of a page, to save the page variations as drafts, instead of directly publishing a variation. Then make sure that modifications you made to page content and text are translated in the other language versions.

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