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In the content editor, you can embed media and make references to social media, such as Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or any other iframe provider. You can either paste a YouTube URL, or embed snippets in the content for the rest of the social media.

PREREQUISITES: You need to explicitly add the media provider as a trusted content provider the Web security module. For more information, see Content-Security-Policy.

NOTE: Embedded Twitter code is stripped by the editor for security reasons because Twitter does not use iframe but blockquote with additional JavaScript script tag. To embed Twitter code, you need to place the proper Twitter script on specific pages or page templates where you want the Twitter quote to appear. For more information, see the official Twitter documentation on JavaScript API.

The following table summarizes how you can embed different types of social media in your content.

Social media Embed  Paste URL 
Twitter  No  Yes 
YouTube  Yes  Yes 
Vimeo  Yes No
SoundCloud Yes No
Facebook video, image, or gallery Yes No

To embed social media:

  1. In the contextual toolbar, click Embed media icon.
  2. Paste an URL or embed code from social media.
  3. Optionally, modify the proportions of the embedded media.

Once you upload media, by clicking on it, you can:

  • Align on the page, for example, in the center.
  • Edit the media by changing the media file or modifying its proportions.

To delete embedded media, in the text editor, click on the media and press the DELETE key on your keyboard.

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