Edit property values displayed inside the property editor

When you create a new widget, Sitefinity CMS automatically adds a widget property editor. Thus, when editing a page, you can easily modify the widget's property values.

Sitefinity CMS creates the property editor based on the public properties that you have in your widget controller or model.  You can customize how the system displays the properties in the editor. To do so, depending on your preferences, use the following attributes:

  • BrowsableAttribute
    If you add this attribute to a property of the widget, the property is not displayed in the property editor, and it will not be persisted in the database. To add the attribute, use the following code:
    IList<NodeViewModel> Nodes { get; }
  • DisplayNameAttribute
    If you add this attribute to a property of the widget, the property title is displayed according to the specified value:
    [DisplayName("CSS class")]
    string CssClass { set; get; }
  • TypeConverterAttribute
    You can add this attribute to a property to specify whether a complex property is displayed in depth. For example, if you add this attribute to a model property, the property is displayed similar to this:

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