Date picker widget: Reference the template in the view of the designer

To reference the template in the designer view, in the DatePickerDesignerView.cs file, perform the following:

  1. Reference the embedded template by overriding the LayoutTemplatePath property.
  2. Provide reference to the RadDatePicker controls that define the minimum and maximum dates.
  3. Override the InitializeControls method and leave its body empty.
  4. Provide a property for the HTML tag for the control.
  5. Save the file.

GITHUB EXAMPLE: For more information about the content of the file, see the DatePickerDesignerView.cs file of the downloaded sample project.

The template that you defined in Date picker widget: Create the template of the view of the designer, uses two RadDatePicker controls for setting the minimum and maximum dates. You must create instances of the controls to access the selected values. To reference the controls from the DatePickerDesignerView.ascx you must call GetControl and returning the controls’ values.

NOTE: When using templates make sure you address the controls after they have been initialized. The moment, where the template is initialized and ready to use, is the InitializeControls method. In it and after its execution, you can safely call your controls. You can call the EnsureChildControls() method before every reference to a template control.

Next, you must implement the features of the designer view. 

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