CSS classes: Login widget

Following is the list of CSS classes applied to Login widget:

CSS class name Class set to Default HTML tag 
sfLoginWrp Wrapper of the login form. <fieldset>
sfLoginFieldsWrp Wrapper of login fields. <ol>
sfLoginField Wrapper of single login field. <li>
sfCheckBoxWrapper Wrapper of Remember me on this computer checkbox. <li>
sfTxtLbl Label of login form input fields (email and password). <label>
sfTxt Input fields (email and password). <input>
sfValidator Wrapper of error message of email and password input fields if either of them was not filled correctly. <span>
sfSubmitBtn Wrapper of Login button. <div>
sfLinkBtn Outer Login button. <a>
sfSave Outer Login button. <a>
sfLinkBtnIn Inner Login button. <strong>
sfLoginHelp Wrapper of Forgot your password?, Change Password links and How to set SMTP? instructions. <div>
sfDetailedInfo Wrapper of How to set SMTP? instructions. <div>
sfNeutral Wrapper of instructions or neutral message. <div>, <p>

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