CSS classes: Events widget

Following is the list of CSS classes applied to Events widget:

CSS class name Class set to  Default HTML tag
sfeventsList Wrapper of all Events list modes — Titles, cities, dates and Titles, cities, dates and content. <ul>
sfeventsListTitleCityDate Wrapper of Titles, cities, dates mode of Events list. <ul>
sfeventsListTitleCityDateContent Wrapper of Titles, cities, dates and content mode of Events list. <ul>
sfeventListItem Single event wrapper. <li>
sfeventTitle Single event title. <h1> in details mode and <h2> in list mode
sfeventMetaInfo Wrapper of where and when the event will be held. <div>
sfeventCommentsCount Link, which leads to comments list or form, if there are no comments. <a>
sfeventContent Event content wrapper. <div>
sfeventDetails Wrapper of single event details. <div>
sfeventLinksWrp Go back link wrapper. <div>
sfeventBack Go back link in details mode. <a>
sfeventDatesLocationContacts Wrapper of event’s date, location, and contact info. <ul>

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