Create campaigns

PREREQUISITES: You have created at least one mailing list. For more information, see Create mailing lists.
  1. On the Sitefinity CMS main menu, choose Marketing» Email CampaignsCampaigns.
    The Campaigns page opens.
  2. Click Create a campaign.
    The Create a campaign page opens.
  3. Enter a name for the campaign.
    For example, enter MyProduct Email campaign.
  4. In Template section, select how the email campaign will look like.
    Choose one of the following radio buttons:
    • Start  from scratch
      Select this if you want to create a new email campaign.
      Choose the type of email campaign you want to create, by selecting one of the following:
      • Rich text (HTML)
        You can create text with rich formatting, such as bold, italic, and bullets. You can insert images.
        Some email clients may not interpret it correctly.
      • Plain text
        You cannot use any text formatting.
        Accessible to all email clients.
      • Like a web page
        You can use multicolumn layouts and rich design. Your email campaign will look like a webpage.
        Some email clients may not interpret it correctly.
    • Use a template
      In the dropdown box, select one of the already created email campaign templates.
      For more information, see Create message templates.

      NOTE: Once you choose the format of the campaign, you cannot change it.

      Note: Once you send one issue, every new issue is created with the template based on the last issue you sent.

  5. Under Mailing list, perform the following:
  6. The From name, and Reply to email fields contain the values that you entered when creating the mailing list.
    You can change the values if needed.
  7. If you select Enable Google Analytics tracking for this campaign checkbox, the data about the website traffic generated by this campaign is collected by Google Analytics and you can see it in Campaign report of the Analytics module. For more information, see Traffic sources detailed reports » Campaigns.
  8. Click Create and go add the first issue.
  9. The system takes you to create the first issue of the campaign.
    For example the December Newsletter.
    If you do not want to create an issue now, on Create an issue page, click Back to campaigns. For more information, see Create campaign issues.

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