Configure Sitefinity Insight personalization criteria

When you build your audience segments, you use multiple characteristics, including Sitefinity Insight criteria such as Persona, Lead Scoring, Campaign, and Contact property. These characteristics are provided by default by the Sitefinity Insight connector. You can configure how Sitefinity Insight connector exposes them in Sitefinity CMS.

To configure these characteristics, perform the following:

  1. Go to your Sitefinity CMS backend
  2. Navigate to Settings » Administration » DigitalExperienceCloudConnector » PersonalizationCriterions.
    1. To remove a criterion, click the Delete icon.
    2. To enable or disable a criterion, or to customize its description:
      1. Click its name.
      2. Perform the desired action.
      3. Click Save changes.
  3. Restart your Sitefinity CMS application.

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