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You work with images on Images page. There you can upload and manage both images and image libraries.

You upload images from your computer to your Sitefinity CMS image libraries in the following way:

  1. In Sitefinity CMS backend, navigate to Content » Images.
    The Images page opens. It displays all created image libraries.
  2. Click Upload images » Upload images from your computer.
  3. Locate the images, select them, and click Open.
    You can select more than one document or file.
    The Upload images page opens.
    For each of the selected images, you can:
    • View the resolution, the image size in KB, and the format of the image.
    • In the input field under each image, you can enter alt texts for the image.
    • Remove the image.
  4. Under Store uploaded images to, click Edit (Edit) to select the library where you want to store the images.
  5. To upload more images, click Add (Upload more images) button.
  6. Click Upload and Publish.
    If you are using an approval workflow, Sitefinity CMS displays different buttons, depending on the type of workflow that is activated. For more information, see Actions available in a workflow.

    Under each image a status bar appears.

  7. When the upload is finished, click Close.

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