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Personalization enables you to stop feeding generic content to your audience and start a relevant and personal conversation. You do this by presenting target customer segments with specific content, relevant for them. You can personalize just one widget on a page to present, for example, local news to visitors. You can also combine a number of personalized widgets on a single page. That is, you combine different modules of content for different segments, which enables you to be flexible in your content presentation. A single page can serve more than one user segments and audience interests and motivations. Finally, you can create a completely new personalized version of a page, serving a particular user segment.

NOTE: If a visitor is associated to more than one segment, the visitor sees the content personalized for the segment with higher priority.

NOTE: If you create a personalized version of a page for a specific user segment, it is the page that is displayed even if the default version of the page has personalized widgets on it.

You can personalize widgets in the page templates, so that each time you use this page template, the widget is already personalized and configured. Thus, you basically reuse personalized widgets across pages. For more information about what you can personalize, see Supported content.

If there are no widgets personalized on the page, the default version of the page is displayed.

PREREQUISITES: You have created one or more user segments. For more information, see Create user segments.

You can see the following options in a page personalization menu:

  • Top menu – page versions for different segments
  • Widgets menu – lists personalized widgets:
    • (number) – the number of personalized widgets on the page
    • (T) – the content is personalized on the page template
    • (number + T) – a combination of the above
  • Create a personalized version with different layout and widgets - create a version of the whole page, serving a particular segment. For more information, see Create a personalized version of a page.
  • Preview this page as - preview how your entire site looks like from the perspective of a particular user segment. For more information, see Use the personalization preview tool.

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